Win a Free Amazon Echo!

Two of my favorite things are NFL and my Alexa.  Well we are combining the two and giving a way an Amazon Echo (or AZ gift card equivalent if preferred) to the winner of our Sourcing Simplifiers Survivor (aka Suicide) Pool.   Entry into the pool is completely free so you don’t have anything to lose!


How does a suicide pool work? Well, its very easy, you pick one team to win each week. You get it right you move onto the next week. You get it wrong you are out. Last person standing wins Echo.  Sound easiest enough?  Well, the tricky part is you can only pick each team once.

The site we  use to run it makes it real easy even if you aren’t a big football fan.  It will tell you each team that is favored to win and gives you the percentage of people that picked each team out of all the yahoo suicide pool entires.   So even if you aren’t knowledgeable in football, come join us in this friendly competition for a very nice prize.  You likely will still beat me.

Here is how you get in:

Navigate to the Yahoo Survival page

Click join a group.  Then enter the group info:

Group id: 6182 Password: Eagles

Once in come talk trash in Sourcing Simplifiers Facebook group.

Good luck all!

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