My Top 5 Tools Used In 2016 – Number 5


This is the first in my series of Top 5 Tools Used In 2016. Coming in at Number 5 is Revseller. I stumbled on to this tool in May. I was very late to the game and can not believe I did not find it sooner. This is a must have all in one tool. It turns the Amazon page into an OA machine. I liked it so much that I did a short Video on it back in June.



They did a few changes since the June video and the big one that made an impact in the shoes and clothing world was the addition of Reviews being added. Revseller will now let you know what variations had the 50 most recent on them. This in turn will give the OA’er an idea of the most popular sizes and colors that have sold recently. They also added a quick box to show you the size colors that have the most reviews as well.

15622081_1911694889058832_5959256602428463449_n  15741113_1911694792392175_8660361867265844278_n


These additions have made picking products simple. The old method was to go to each review to see which size / color had the most reviews. If you do AZ flips this is a huge time saving.

Last reason for my choose is price. Revseller comes in at $99 for the whole YEAR. They also give you a free 30-day trial with no credit card required using our affiliate link that I posted throughout the post.

These are the reasons I am choosing Revseller as my Number 5 tool of 2016.




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