My Top 5 Tools Used In 2016 – Number 4



Coming in at number 4 is Networking. This is the most affordable and successful tool to get to the next level. The best form of networking in my experience has been small mastermind groups. Find 3-5 sellers that you connect with and start a Facebook group. You start by having small talk and some google hangouts. Once you earn enough trust you start sharing processes, bolos, favorite stores, and best meatloaf recipe.


Here are some of the ways to network:

  • Private Facebook Group
  • Trade-shows
  • Conferences
  • Local Meetups
  • Private Messaging

If you really want to start networking all you have to do is put yourself out there. Make a post about some of your goals and where you are in your eCommerce journey. Then ask if anyone would want to connect. If no local meetups you could start one. If you are going to a trade-show ask if anyone would like to meet for lunch. Odds are there is probably an event planned already and you will get the invite.

My most recent networking example happened in Q4. I been helping a newer seller on and off throughout the year on processes and help with tools. We never really exchanged bolos and such just information. He then PM’s me a product that he found that made me close to 2k in profit with a 250% ROI just in December. I would have never found this product on my own since it was in a store a rarely source at.

So for these reasons I am going to put Networking as my number 4 Tool in 2016.




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