My Top 5 Tools Used In 2016 – Number 3


Coming in at Number 3 on the Most used tools list is Payability. This is the newer service for FBA Sellers that gives you daily payouts for a fee. Having to wait 2 weeks for a payout in Q4 would have killed me. With Payability I got to turn my money daily. They even pay you same day now. Here is a little break down of a typical week using payability.

  1. Stuff sells on day 1
  2. Stuff ships on day 1 and 2
  3. Day 3 my payability balance is updated with what shipped
  4. Day 3 I ask for Transfer to Bank
  5. Day 3 the Transfer hits Bank and I shop and ship

So in that example you can turn your money in 3 days instead of every 14. If you really hustle you could be making 4.5 times more by using the service. The charge is only a 1% fee each time you want a transfer. They do hold 20% of your payout for the 14 days to cover any rush of returns or if your money gets held for suspension or review. I will list below who I think this service is good for and who I think does not need it.

People who would benefit:

  • Fast turning inventory ( sells within a week of hitting warehouse)
  • Not enough credit to leverage
  • People who are waiting for there payout before they can shop again and are missing out on all kinds of deals
  • People who hustle to shop and ship every day

People who would not benefit:

  • People who tend to buy Longer turning inventory
  • Private label people who buy 1000 units of product and do not need money back right away
  • People who have higher limit credit cards that can earn extra benefits like cash back and points for hotels



Here are a few common FAQ that I get each time I mention this service:

  1. How do not trust a new company? The company has been around for a while offering this service to Vendor and Vendor express Amazon sellers so they are not new
  2. Isn’t this just a high interest payday loan? It is not even close to a payday loan. This company charges a fee of 1%. It is not loaning you money and at no time is there any type of interest charge. If you call this a payday loan then when you get charged $3 at the atm you need to start saying that is a loan too. This service is no different than an ATM charge for taking your money out. 
  3. Have you had any problems? I been using them since October and the only problem I had was they once held my 20% a few days longer than I thought needed. I contacted Brent and they cleared it up right away. 
  4. Do you have any specials? Yes, Payability will waive the Min monthly fee of $250 during your free trial if you use our affiliate link Here and throughout the post

If you are interested please follow our affiliate link . A good contact at the company is Brent and he was very helpful to me.

Come back tomorrow for our Number 2 tool and then on New Years Day I will reveal my number 1 tool.


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