My Top 5 Tools Used In 2016 – Number 1


First off, Happy New Year everyone and hope that 2017 brings you much success. Just remember this is not easy money and you do need a little hustle.

My number one most used tool in 2016 has to be Keepa. If you tracked my internet usage over a year you would see that I refresh Amazon about 100 times a day and I use Keepa around 50. I mainly use the keepa google extension which makes the graph and all its glory appear on the product detail page and all offers page. Over the past year keepa has added a ton of extras. I rarely buy a product without first looking at the keepa graph for the product.

One feature is the ” How Many” function. This was added in the past year and shows you how much active inventory a seller has available on the all offers page. It will not calculate accurately when someone has backordered items. Below is a video showing how to turn on the ” How Many” function.



Going to the actual Keepa site is how I find 50% of my AZ to AZ flips. Below is another video with a short demo on how to do that.



I know this post is not about Flips but here is what to look for in a bad flip by looking at the keepa graph and info


Keepa List of Features:

  • Comprehensive price history graphs
  • Price Drop & Availability Alerts
  • eMail, Facebook, Twitter, Android App and RSS
  • Browser extensions – once installed the Keepa price history graph will be displayed directly on each Amazon product page
  • Compare Amazon prices
  • Amazon Locales Support [ .com | | .de | | .fr | .ca | .cn | .it | .es | .in | | ]
  • Registration Optional
  • Wish List Import
  • Deals, an overview of recent price drop
  • Links available on certain scanning apps for RA access. ( I use scoutify)

All of these features provide us with enough information to make a more educated guess on whether a product will be a hit or a dud after you buy it. For these reasons Keepa is my number 1 tool in 2016 and I feel will continue to be the top tool.




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