May 30, 2016

Sellers Resources

Amazon Tools

Scan entire websites and categories at one time. Use code: STORCHEDEARTH for a 10 day free trial

Quickly scan major retailers to find profitable arbitrage opportunities, and get an extended free 10 day trial.

Track your profit and loss, ROI, and best selling items all in one place. Yes, there is a free trial.

Stop manually repricing everything Jeff… This repricer for Amazon sellers makes it easy and with the free trail there is no reason not to.

Awesome embedded profit and ROI calculator that works dirctly from an Amazon listing. Free 30 day trial.

Refund Xray

Does Amazon owe you money? Find out, and get it back!



Cash Back and Discount Gift Cards

Increase your bottom line by earning serious cash back at the places you source.

Get cash back, coupons, and deals!

Discount gift cards for all the major stores. Couple with cash back and there is some serious savings.


Embeds a graph of Amazon products price and rank history, and allows you to create alerts for price drops. This is invaluable.
Provides easy access to all your favorite product research tools in one place.


FBA Toolkit
Estimates sales based on item category and rank.
Another resource to track Amazon products price and rank history.
FBA Fee Calculator
Amazons very own tool to calculate FBA fees and profit.

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