Negative Feedback Removal 101

Who wouldn’t want their feedback to look like this?

Perfect Feedback

Look at all those 100% even with all those reviews. This is not my account, but just a random pretty looking account I saw. Do you think this person is truly this perfect and never had a customer that got annoyed with anything that was provided? Amazon never messed up anything on their behalf? Customer never accidentally left a negative product review? UPS never damaged/lost package? I’m almost certain that is not the case. Instead, this person has monitored their feedback and then submitted a feedback removal request anytime negative (or likely neutral) feedback has come in. So how does one remove negative feedback? Well first they hit the contact us button under seller support which is accessible after hitting the Help button.

Selling on Amazon

The contact us button will take you to this page in which you select, selling on Amazon.

Contact Amazon

From the Contact us button, you click Customers and Orders, customer feedback and then you put in the Order ID for your order you want feedback removed.

Amazon Customer Feedback

The Order ID is located on the feedback screen under Order ID section (who would take thought?)

Amazon Order ID

This will take you to the Appeal Customer Feedback form. Then choose the reason or reasons that you want the feedback removed. Many times the customer review will provide feedback on the product and that is a product review and other times they may complain about the shipping timeline or state package arrived damage and that is FBA feedback. Sometimes the customer’s feedback may not fall into one of these categories, but it is still worth trying to get removed. When uncertain, go with FBA Feedback.

Amazon Feedback Removal

Many times you will get an automated response like this: We have reviewed your request for the removal of feedback for order XXX-XXXX-XXX and found that the feedback is in violation of our policy. Accordingly, we have removed this feedback”.

If first time doesn’t work, try again with a different reason code. Typically, you can get one that works. If not, you may need to follow-up via email of steps needed to get removed. With active monitoring and quick follow-up you should be able to keep your feedback looking pristine.

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