Free Q4 Mastermind Groups – BOLOs Simplified – Relaunch


Our Q4 BOLO Simplified Groups we launched in September have been a big hit so we’ve decided to open up a few more groups.  Before joining the groups please read our FAQ about the program in our blog Post:

Accelerate your Q4 Successs with BOLOs Simplified

A couple big points with these masterminds/BOLO groups.  You will be the owners of the group.  I’ll ask for an admin or two to step up and run these groups.  If no one volunteers the group will be deleted.  All members need to be active and provide at least 1 BOLO a week.  Group admins have right to increase the requirements or tweak purpose of the group because again these are your groups.

You can only be in 1 Sourcing Simplified BOLO/Mastermind group.  Once all groups are settled I will do a quick check of all groups and if I see anyone in two groups they will be deleted from both groups and will be replaced.

The following groups will be launching on Monday, October 31st at 2:00pm EST.  Currently, you’ll get a error that group is not for sale and you will continue to get that error until 10/31 at 2 pm.  We will give away early admission today (10/28/16) as part of #FreebieFriday so be sure to be checking out our Facebook group for more details of how to win access.

Update:  Groups are live!

And if you really want to take your game to the next level be sure to check out our Paid AZ Flip Group.   We post 300 quality BOLOs a month.  This will also get you access to all our exclusive trainings as well as other future trainings including our Demystifying Shoes training scheduled for Thursday, November 3rd.   We will also spend a great deal of time talking about selling in Q4 during this training.  We got a few seats left that we don’t except to last long so get in while you can!


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