Citi AT&T Access More Card Still Alive?

The AT&T Access More card is one of the best credit card to have if you do Online Arbitrage (OA) as it gives you 3% back in ThankYou points on online purchases with no cap!  ThankYou points can be converted to the following:

  • 1 Point to $1 Travel credit
  • 1 Point to $1 in value in Gift Cards.
  • 1 Point to $.80 statement credit on categories including dining, entertainment, utility bills, grocery, gas, clothing, department stores and drug stores


If you have the Citi ThankYou Premier or the Citi Prestige card you can increase the value of your ThankYou points as they open up some transfers to airline partners.  While ThankYou points are nowhere near as valuable as Ultimate Reward, even if you value them at just $.8 a point at a 3% earning rate you are still getting 2.4% back on online purchases.

There are other credit cards that are better for Retail Arbitrage (RA) or times in which another card may be better for OA and we covered off on that on our Reseller Credit Card Strategy guest post, but if you do a lot of OA this is a card you really want to consider.

AT&T Access More – Discontinued?

Last week, I had my annual fee come up on my Citi Thank You Premier card which isn’t nearly as beneficial to me (I do 100% OA) as the Citi Access More card so I decided to cancel the card instead of paying the hefty annual fee.  However, instead of straight cancelling the card I decided to see if they could convert my card to the AT&T Access More card.  I know the credit card companies hate losing customers and will usually downgrade or switch your card type for you in order to retain you as a customer.   This isn’t my preferred method as then you typically lose out on the sign-up bonus.  However, in this case in which there was no place to apply for the card,  I’d rather miss out on a sign-up bonus then wait around and hope the card comes back and comes back with the same perks I’m looking for.

Bad Hair Day - Alpaca

When I called the comer service rep (CSR) quickly put me on hold and I expected him to come back with a decline but instead he came back and told me it was no problem.  I confirmed with him like 86 times it was the Access More card as I know there is another card AT&T Access that I definitely didn’t want.

After I hung up with the CSR I still didn’t believe I was getting this card.  I was sure they’d send me the Citi Access card or something completely different.  Or even if they did my card wouldn’t earn the 3% back on online purchases.  However, shortly after my call with the CSR, I received a letter from Citi confirming my transfer to the Access More card and that the benefits include the 3% on online purchases.


Is it possible the AT&T Access More comes back with the same 3% bonus on online purchases and sign-on bonus in the future and you can sign up directly? I guess that’s possible.  However, there is no guarantee and with Q4 coming I want to make sure I’ve got the best cards possible to maximize my benefits for the massive amount of cash I’m surely going to be spending.  I recommend you consider doing the same if you do a lot of OA and have an existing Citi card that you could consider converting to the AT&T Access more card.


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  • Bingan

    I also think about converting my Citi premier card to ATT Access More card. Was your premier card annual fee already posted before you converted it to ATT Access More card? After you changed it to ATT Access More card, were you charged for $95 annual fee for ATT Access More card right away? I just want to check do I need to pay two $95 annual fee after I convert preimer card to ATT Access More card.

  • IvanX

    The window may have closed. I just called Citi to convert my AAdvantage Bronze, and was told, unambiguously, that “We are no longer performing conversions to that card.”