Inventory Alert – Amazon’s Answer

Inventory Alert – Amazon’s Answer A recent discussion on the newest changes to warehouse overcrowding in FBA Sourcing Simplifiers facebook post led me to this blog post. You may remember a month or so ago Amazon started restricting inventory that they felt would be long term hold. After many complaints Amazon decided to scrap that[…]

Negative Feedback Removal 101

Who wouldn’t want their feedback to look like this? Look at all those 100% even with all those reviews. This is not my account, but just a random pretty looking account I saw. Do you think this person is truly this perfect and never had a customer that got annoyed with anything that was provided?[…]

Intro to Amazon FBA: Setting up your Business

So you’re interested in getting an Amazon business started, but like so many others you’re unsure of what you’re legally required to do. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be overly complicated, and someone (quite literally) asks how they should register their Amazon business daily. Naturally this same question, and about a thousand others also[…]

Intro to Amazon FBA: The Business Model

If you’ve stumbled across this page you’re probably considering starting your own Amazon business. Most people don’t know this but over 40% of the products being sold on Amazon come from third party sellers. To put this in perspective in 2015 alone Amazon shipped over one billion items for third party sellers. Lots of people[…]