July 3, 2016

Ultimate FBA Guide

This is your all inclusive guide to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).  Some pages will be TBD, but plenty of content to get you started. If you don’t see anything here just let us know and we will add it.  Stop what you are doing now and bookmark this page.  Trust me you will thank me later.

The Basics

Amazon Lingo/Acronyms:  This business has tons of Acronyms and we at Sourcing Simplifiers are one of the worse offenders of using them.  This sentence can be very confusing for a newbie:  “I hate when the DSing MFers steal the BB on my great OA find I found with OAX.”  This makes sense to many of us, but I can only imagine what  newbie thinks when reading this.  Hopefully this page is helpful.

Intro to FBA Business Model:  Our most basic post about exactly what FBA is and how to get started.  A lot of great beginner content in here.

Intro to Setting up your AZ Business:  If you are really going to do this biz, then you really need to get it setup right legally.  This post will walk you through creating a legal entity, DBA and sales tax.

How to Configure Sales Tax:  TBD

Packing & Shipping

How a Prep Company can Save you Money:  Tired of packing and shipping everything yourself.  Well check out this blog to see how you could actually save money to have someone else to do it.

How to Create a New Listing:  Quick video on how to add a product that doesn’t currently exist within the Amazon Catalog

Building your First Shipment:  TBD

Free UPS Smart  Pickups:  TBD

Amazon Seller Account Basics

Returns Simplified:  No one likes returns, but this blog will help make the whole return process easier for you.

Negative Feedback Removal: Most FBA feedback can be removed automatically.  This blog walks you step by step of how to do it.

Amazon’s Inventory Alert:  Trying to do a shipment and getting an inventory alert.  Well this blog gives you more details on exactly what this alert is.

Dealing with ASIN Suspension Part 1 & Part 2:  These blogs go through challenges of dealing with Amazon Seller Performance and an ASIN Suspension.

Building a Bundle:  This is a short video showing you how to build a bundle.

How to get Ungated in Grocery:  Secrets are revealed on how to get ungated in Grocery.

Retail & Online Arbitrage Basics

Retail Arbitrage Simplified: Some basic strategies on how best to tackle retail Arbitrage

Kohls Coupon Stacking & Kohl’s Cash Decoded: Some more advanced strategies to how to stack coupons, gift cards and cash back portals to decrease your purchase price.  Also some tricks of best ways to utilize Kohls Cash

Decoding Target:  The blog will help master sourcing at Target.

Demystifying OA Lists:  Want to know what an OA list is?  Want to learn how to decipher a good list from a bad list?  This is the blog for you.

Finding Replens:  Finding replensibles are key in this business.  This blog walks you through the steps of how you can quickly find them in Seller Central.

Cease & Desist:  At some point in your selling career you are going to get an email from someone demanding you cease selling their product or cease selling it at a certain price.  This blog walks you through how to handle these emails.

Pricing Strategies:   A great little blog on different strategies to price your products.

Understanding the Buy Box:  The Buy Box is the key to sales on Amazon as 82% of sales come from the Buy Box.   This blog helps break down variables that drive what is needed to win the Buy Box.

Wholesale Simplified

So You Think you Can Wholesale Part 1 & Part 2:  First two introductory blog posts on Wholesale.  A must read for anyone looking to branch outside of the arbitrage world.

Online Arbitrage Tools

RevSeller Demo:  Every seller needs RevSeller.  If I could change anything in my selling career it would be getting RevSeller sooner (well and maybe Inventory Labs).   This is a quick demo of this powerful little tool.

OA Xray: Sort Boxes  & Links Features:  OAX is one of the most powerful extensions for OA.  Check out these two videos demo two of its features/

Keepa in Stock Quantity Checks:  You can now check out other sellers in stock quantities with Keepa.  Check out this quick video of how to set it up and how it works.

Sourcing Simplifiers Recommended Seller Resources:  This page has all our recommended seller tools

Amazon Flips 

Amazon Flip Page:  We have so much content on AZ flips that we’ve created a separate page on it and it can be accessed here.

Quest at Going Full-Time

Failed at Selling Full Time

Greatest FBA Facebook Group Ever

Sourcing Simplifers Facebook Group