Free Q4 Mastermind Groups – BOLOs Simplified – Relaunch

Our Q4 BOLO Simplified Groups we launched in September have been a big hit so we’ve decided to open up a few more groups.  Before joining the groups please read our FAQ about the program in our blog Post: Accelerate your Q4 Successs with BOLOs Simplified A couple big points with these masterminds/BOLO groups.  You[…]

The Chase Sapphire Reserve Card: Is it $450 well Spent?

The travel hacking world is an absolute frenzy about the new Chase Sapphire Reserve card.  Based on the buzz I’ve been seeing you’d think it was the greatest credit card to have be issued.  In this blog I’m going to get into why it is a really great card and why you should consider getting[…]

Accelerate your Q4 Success with BOLOs Simplified

Q4 is just a few weeks away and at the time of this blog Black Friday is just a mere 76 days away.   We wanted to launch something that could help our Facebook group members and blog readers without costing them a lot of extra money and we’ve come up with creating BOLO mastermind groups, that[…]

Reseller Credit Card Strategy Simplified

I’m excited to announce we have a  guest post today from Shawn Coomer who is a miles & points enthusiast who also is a successful Amazon Seller.  He helps to run the very popular Miles to Memories Blog and corresponding Facebook group.  Take it away Shawn.   In my experience the average reseller works hard to minimize costs[…]