Pricing Strategies Simplified: Pricing Methods

Let’s continue our journey into the world of pricing strategy. Today’s post is going to be a bit of an economics lessons as we dive deeper into the world of pricing methodology. As eCommerce sellers we need to understand all the different pricing options because one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to your inventory.[…]

Pricing Strategies Simplified: Understanding The Buy Box

Getting your products to Amazon is only half the battle. It turns out getting your items  live and getting your items to sell are two completely different stories. So today we’re going to kick off a series where we talk about pricing strategies to get your items moving. Before we can get into the specifics about these strategies we[…]

Cease and Desist: Myth vs Reality

As an Amazon seller you need to ready to deal with all sorts of different situations. Today we’re going to spend some time talking about cease and desist communications and best practices to protect yourself and your Amazon account. If you haven’t seen one of these messages before they look something like this: Sounds pretty serious right?[…]

Decoding Retail: Target Edition

This post kicks off the Decoding Retail series. Each segment in this series will focus on a different retailer where we will dive into topics like maximizing discounts, store pricing secrets, important store policies, and sourcing strategies. The first store that we will be breaking down is the well known nationwide retailer Target. Maximize Your[…]

Retail Arbitrage Strategies Simplified

Let’s be honest retail arbitrage can be a struggle. The concept itself sounds simple enough. In case you don’t know retail arbitrage is the process of buying stuff in a retail store to resell on Amazon (or another eCommerce platform). While this sounds easy the reality is finding products to resell can be difficult. So[…]

Intro to Amazon FBA: The Business Model

If you’ve stumbled across this page you’re probably considering starting your own Amazon business. Most people don’t know this but over 40% of the products being sold on Amazon come from third party sellers. To put this in perspective in 2015 alone Amazon shipped over one billion items for third party sellers. Lots of people[…]