July 4, 2016

Amazon Flips

We love our Amazon Flips here at Sourcing Simplifiers.   What is an Amazon Flip, well in short, its buying from Amazon to sell back on Amazon.  We have a lot of content on Amazon Flips and this page summarizes them all:

Amazon Flips FAQ:  An all-inclusive list of AZ Flips frequently asked questions.  If we’ve missed any, let us know.

Intro To Amazon Flips Part 2:   This is part 2 of our AZ Flip blogs, a continuation from my guest post on Tagging Miles

Amazon Flip Guide: This is a free Amazon flip eBook/eguide written by Flip master Stephen Gmys.

Finding Flips via Keepa:  This is a short video showing you how to find Amazon Flips using Keepa.

Analysis of a bad Amazon Flip:  Another short video walking through Keepa and doing analysis of an item that is not a good AZ Flip.

Amazon Flips Exposed:  We walk through an example of a flip exposed to our Facebook group with over 4,000 members.

Intro to Amazon FlipsThis is a guest Post I (Jeff) did at Tagging Miles about AZ Flips

Sourcing Simplifiers Paid AZ Flip GroupWe offer a paid group that specializes in finding flips for $149.99 a month.  Admins will post at least 50 a week and 300 per month Amazon flips.  Paid members will get access to our Amazon Flip Training (60+ minutes long) and our Demystifying Shoes training.   We offer a 7 money back guarantee.