Amazon Acronyms and Lingo

Amazon Specific Lingo

FBA – Fulfillment by Amazon

An Amazon program where sellers send inventory to be stored, and shipped to the customer by Amazon.

MF / FBM – Merchant Fulfilled / Fulfilled by Merchant

When Amazon sellers ship products to customers themselves. I.e. not FBA.

PL – Private Label

Creating and selling your own version of a product under your own label.

WL – White Label

Purchasing an item from a manufacturer but applying your own brand.

RA – Retail Arbitrage

Sourcing inventory to sell on Amazon from brick-and-mortar stores.

OA – Online Arbitrage

Sourcing inventory to sell on Amazon using online retail websites.

WS – Wholesale Buying

discounted inventory in bulk through a middleman who purchases directly from the manufacturer.

DS – Dropshipping

when a third-party ships items on your behalf as you sell them. E.g. a customer buys from you, you then order from the dropshipper who mails the order in your name.

ASIN – Amazon Standard Identification Number

This is the unique identifier for products found on Amazon. Usually in the format B00xxxxxxx.

BSR – Best Sellers Rank

Items on Amazon are ranked according to their sales volume and category. The lower the better, as long as the item is in a top level category.

Replen – Replenishable Item

An item that can be purchased and sold repeatedly, usually from the same supplier.

Business Lingo

ROI – Return on Investment (profit / cost)

I.e. spend $10 on an item, and $15 is returned is a 50% ROI.

PM – Profit Margin (profit / sale price)

I.e. a product costs $3 to create, and sells for $10 provides a 70% PM.

MAP – Minimum Advertised Price

The minimum price an authorized retailer can sell a product for. Usually imposed by the manufacturer of the product to maintain profit margins.

MSRP – Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price

The price the manufacturer feels the product should retail for.

EIN – Employee Identification Number

An identification number provided to businesses by the US government. This is used for payroll taxes and often required by wholesalers.

VA – Virtual Assistant

A person that performs work for you and/or your business from a remote location. Typically VA’s are from the Philippines and other countries with much lower cost of living than the US.

Store Lingo

BOLO – Be On the Look Out

Items that are sold out online but may still be available in stores locally.

BOGO – Buy One Get One

A sale offer where if you purchase two of an item the second will be either free or discounted.

WM – Walmart

TG – ThinkGeek

KC – Kohls Cash

CB – Cash Back

GC – Gift Card

CC – Credit Card

Services Lingo


IL – Inventory Lab

OAX – OA Xray

Product Identification Lingo

EAN – European Article Number

UPC – Universal Product Code

ISBN – International Standard Book Number

GTIN – Global Trade Identification Number

SKU – Stock Keeping Unit

FNSKU – Fulfillment Network SKU

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