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About Sourcing Simplifiers

A smart and diverse powerhouse team to help YOU make the most of Amazon FBA

With decades of knowledge and experience, and millions in annual sales, the Sourcing Simplifiers team has joined forces to help you in your Amazon journey.

From sourcing products through traditional big box retailers (online and off), wholesalers, and even Amazon itself, you should never be short on inventory.

Finding what to sell is only the beginning though, and the Sourcing Simplifiers can help teach you how to outsource tasks, establish prep centers, and even how to get your money back from Amazon if a sale goes wrong.

Be sure to check out our blog and knowledge centers for everything above and more. Invaluable information such as how to get ungated in restricted categories, how to talk to suppliers, and so much more can all be found right here.

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The Sourcing Simplifiers Team

Four diverse team members to help your Amazon FBA to the next level
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Steve Gmys

Flips Master
Steve started his entrepreneurial adventures at just 14 years old by selling baseball cards and POGS at local flea markets. Then, after spending eight years in the US Air Force, he rekindled that spirit by selling rare coins on eBay, and testing the waters with mall kiosks and ecommerce websites. Finally in 2011 he found his home on Amazon and is well versed in wholesale, thrifting, RA, OA, and private label.
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Jeff Storch

OA Specialist
Jeff was a Hall of Fame athlete who earned his way through college with online poker winnings. Afterwards he learned the fine art of travel hacking, and finally landed on Amazon to become a master of arbitrage. His unique insights not only earn substantial profits, but help him explore the world for free.
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Assad Siddiqi

Process Virtuoso
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Justin Finley

Wholesale Hero

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